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Pura passion

It’s a cold Saturday November evening. She wraps around a soft white towel as she’s just
finished bathing. Checks her little golden vintage watch and slowly whispers to
herself: “Plenty of time!”. She enters her dressing, picks out some fine lingerie and puts it
on. Then stops in front of her favourite part of the wardrobe: the one with dresses. There,
she runs her fingers over the soft velvet dresses in the most beautiful colors she could
have ever picked: purple, cherry red, taupe, black and chocolate. She checks their rich
fabric once again and begins to try them on while thinking which one to choose for that
special night. The cherry red dress with its soft pleats following her body curves makes
her so sensual. Her waist looks so small with the narrow leather belt put around it. Or
maybe, the purple one with plunging neckline covered in see-through black lace? She
looks so enigmatic while wearing it…The taupe one with Swarovski pearls following the
square neckline makes her skin glow while the lace back with small pearl buttons is
perfection! She received plenty of compliments when she wore it last week. She finds it
so hard to decide on just one…Hmmm, she smiles softly: the silk velvet backless gown
with golden bow she had it custom made for the charity ball she’ll soon attend…so royal,
but not for tonight. Tonight, she shall wear her new black velvet dress with fine golden
lacing that makes her body look so slender, while the golden zip placed on the back from
top to almost the end of the dress it’s the only piece of jewel she could possibly wear.
She puts on a pair of black stilettos and gazes into the mirror while whispering: “BRILLIANT!”

Guest post by Stefania Bulboaca, Choices
*(photo: black velvet dress with golden zip by Choices)